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Eligiblity Release Form


WARNING:  Although participation is supervised by JOAD and activies may be one of the lease hazardous which a student  will engage - in or out of school, by its nature, particpation inthe JOAD program includes a risk of injury which may range in severity from minor to long-lasting catastropic damage.  Although serious injuries are not common in supervised environments, it is imporssible to eliminate the risk. Participants can and have the responsibility to help reduce the chance of injury.  Archers must obey all rules, report all physical problems to their coaches, follow a proper conditioning program, and inspect their equipment daily.  

By signing this form below, (both digitally or physically), we acknowledge that we have read and understand this warning.

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CONSENT FOR PHOTO RELEASE:  I, the undersigned, do hereby grant to Archery School of the Rockies (ASR), its employees, officers, agents, representatives, trustees and assigns my permission to record my photographic image (by film and/or video), and comments (by tape and/or transcription), together with the right to use, publish, copyright and reproduce in whole or in part any such photographic images and comments as described above for use in promotional materials, whether the use of above materials be for public relations, recruitment, development, or any other legitimate purpose of ASR.  I hereby waive any right that I may have to inspect or approve any such photographic images and comments or completed products which incorporate all or part of any such photographic images and comments.    I hereby voluntarily release and hold harmless ASR from any and all liability arising out of or in any way related to the use of such photographic images and comments, including but not limited to any liability arising by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, illusion, editing, or use in composite form, whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur in the making or processing of the finished product. 

CONSENT FOR EMERGENCY TREATMENT AND/OR MEDICAL TREATMENT:   In consideration of my son/daughter(s) opportunity to participate in JOAD activities, I herby consent to emergency treatment, hospitalization or other medical treatment as may be necessary for the welfare of the above named child, by a physician, qualified nurse, and/or hospital, in the event of injury or illness during all periods of time in which the child is away from his/her legal residence as a member of an interscholastic activity team or group, and hereby waive on behalof of myself and the above mentioned child and liability of Colorado Springs JOAD, any of its agents or employees or JOAD personnel arising out of such medical treatment.



 ASRadmin - SEAR Guidelines - Ver 1.0 - March 2016

Form Help

Why this Form is Needed ?
Every Archer who utilizes ASR's facilities as either a Direct ASR Member, or as a recreational shooter, or participating in any ASR or third party sponsored event or Tournament at the ASR Archery Range, is required to read and accept the terms and conditions of the JOAD Sanctioned "SEAR Guidelines", or (Statement of Eligibility & Assumed Risk).  This risk acknowledgment and healthcare concent agreement is designed to protect ASR from personal liabilities as a result of mis-conduct by users of its facilities, and mis-use of ASR's equipment by users that might result in accidents or injury.  
Help on This Form:
The form can be filled out online and signed digitally by Archers who desire to shoot at ASR's Range, (who are not current ASR members), as well as by existing members who need to update their SEAR Guidelines Agreement with ASR.  Simply fill-in each field and digitally sign it at the bottom, (indicating the date of signing and marking a "Yes" if you are in agreement.   If you are over 18 you can fill-out this agreement and sign it yourself, if you are under 18 you will have to have a parent or guardian sign.   If you would like to print a BLANK COPY before clicking the "Save" button, (so you have a printed copy of the consent and release text) just select the printer icon printerIcon that is located at the upper right corner of this page.  Just print the first 2 pages of the Agreement in Printer Friendly format.
What Happens Next:
If you are a new Archer and using the ASR facility for the first time, your SEAR Guidelines form submission will be processed by an ASR Representative and you will receive an email in return with instructions for registering a FREE ASR Archer Client Portal Account which will enable you to have access to our interactive web-site, community forums, communications tools and archery range booking features.  Also, you will be able to review our flexible Membership Programs.
If you are an existing ASR Member, you may already have signed a SEAR Guidelines Agreement in the past.  If this is the case, you can simply log into your ASR Archer Client Portal, and provide a new updated SEAR Guidelines Agreement.  The form can also be used "Physically" in that you can print off the 2-page agreement from the Web Site and sign it at the bottom and then bring it to the ASR Archery Range where an ASR Representative will process it into our system.