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Classes & Programs:
Beginner Classes
Our beginner classes focus on teaching basic archery skills in a safe and fun environment. Classes are open to archers of any age or skill level using any kind of bow. Archers may also use class bows, arrows, and other equipment as needed if they do not have their own gear. Classes are 1 hour in duration and limited to 8 archers to ensure everyone receives coaching and assistance. Coaches will be at a minimum a USA Archery Level 2 Instructor.

Intermediate / Advanced Classes
Our advanced archery classes are geared towards the intermediate or advanced archer who have been shooting and practicing for at least 6 months or more and are ready to develop their skills from basic adaptation of the National Training System (NTS) to detailed refinement of their skills utilizing within this process. Archers should have their own equipment at this point and be able to shoot safely on an 18 meter / 20 yard range. Classes will normally be 1 hour but may extend longer depending on archer abilities. Coaches will normally be a USA Archery Level 3 Coach with additional assistance from higher or lower level coaches. Classes are limited to 5 archers per class.
Open Classes
Open classes are for any archer. If the archer does not have their own equipment they can utilize ASR class equipment. Classes will be 1 hour and will be supervised by a USA Archery Level 2 or 3 Coach. Open classes are designed to be self-paced and are great for archers who want to practice in a less structured environment. Open classes may have up to 10 archers of varying skill levels.
Private Lessons
If an archer would like one on one instruction they may schedule a one or four-hour session with a coach. All private lessons are coordinated through the ASR Head Coach to ascertain both archers’ skills and needs to match the best instructor to the archer.
Homeschool Classes
Our homeschool classes are programmed lessons focusing on learning the basics of archery in a fun and safe environment. These classes are specifically designed to meet the schedules and requirements of home school programs. Classes are 1 hour and will be taught by a minimum of a USA Archery Level 2 Instructor. Classes can be scheduled in series for a group so over time their skills grow as they are capable (depending on age).

Para-archery Classes
ASR is proud to host programs for para-archers who may face unique physical challenges such as missing limbs, confined to a wheel chair, sight impaired, or other physical challenges. We believe that archery is a pathway to personal growth to move beyond these challenges and live by a motto of “Yes I Can!”



Class Flyers

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