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Our Approach:
At ASR we focus on three aspects of Mentorship:
  • ourapproachFirst, archery should always be fun and enjoyable. You should always enjoy picking up and shooting a bow no matter whether you’re shooting 3D targets or punching holes in paper; indoor or outside; compound, recurve, or longbow.
  • Second, archery should challenge you to grow. Whatever your personal goals in archery are (whether focused on winning competitions, personal relaxation, or hunting) our coaches will help you achieve those goals to the best of your ability no matter what skill level you begin at
  • Lastly, we want archery to be more than just about archery. When we talk about our archery family at ASR, it’s more than just people who shoot together – we strive to build bonds of friendship and community. Our team programs include emphasis on academics, community service, and high expectations of archers’ attitudes and outlook. Our goal is to mentor our archers to always stand with courage, mental toughness, sportsmanship and class.
Of course archery is what brings us all together. Our instruction methodology focuses on the National Training System (NTS) developed by our USA Archery Head Coach, Kisik Lee, and used by the top archers worldwide.  We teach the fundamentals of the NTS process even with beginning archers and ensure as their skill increases, so does their understanding of the effectiveness of that process.



ASR Shots

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