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Archery School of the Rockies Coach Bios
karinpicture2Karin Bock - Head Coach
Karin has coached cheerleading, volleyball, bowling and archery for more than 40 years.  Karin began the Colorado Springs JOAD club which evolved into the Archery School of the Rockies because of her love of teaching young athletes and helping them overcome challenges.  She is also a certified USA Archery Judge.  “I have coached various sports for over 40 years. Of all the sports, I love archery more than all the rest. For me archery is a ballet, symphony and a beautiful painting all rolled into one.  It requires a balance between the body and the mind and develops both in different ways.  Archery develops patience, self-control, organization, tenacity and a focus on details.  While archery is an individual sport it also encourages team work and can increase mentoring opportunities.  The goal as a coach is to be able to develop those qualities in our student archers while they are having fun so they take those skills forward the rest for their life.”
USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coaches

brookcruzpicBrook Cruz
Brook is a US Navy disabled veteran and is a graduate of UCCS.  Brook loves the outdoors, works at Garden of the Gods as a Park Interpreter, and brings her love of working with youth as the Pikes Peak Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation Youth Coordinator.  “Archery to me is all about family.”
Mike Grover

Mike has been hunting and shooting competitively with a bow for over 30 years and has harvested both whitetail and mule deer while bow hunting. He has won archery competitions on many levels to include 14 South Dakota State Championships and one Midwestern Sectional championship.

“I remember thinking many times that I wish I had someone who could teach me the right way to shoot so I didn't have to learn it all on my own. After a little convincing from my wife, I finally decided it was time to give back to the sport I have enjoyed so much. I truly enjoy helping other archers avoid many of the mistakes I made along the way and I hope my students get as much enjoyment out of this sport as I have over all these years.”

dennishesspicDennis Hess
Dennis is a retired Army veteran and currently works in the construction field.  He has been involved in archery for over 20 years and particularly enjoys 3D competitions and has a passion for bow hunting.  Dennis has been a PSE Staff Shooter since 2007.   “I enjoy passing along what I've learned over the years to other archers.  I started shooting archery without any formal instruction and luckily, I met some knowledgeable and helpful people along the way who shared their experience with me.  From personal experience I know archery can be difficult without a helping hand so now it's time for me to pass the tradition and what I’ve learned on."
Steve Hinman
wendellhinmanpicWendell Hinman
Coach Grandpa (as his students call him) is a retired construction manager, Air Force veteran and ex college athlete.  Wendell has coached Special Olympics, high school track, and started a soccer league for Air Force dependents.  Wendell spends most of his time teaching those who are new to archery, especially kids aged 4 (to 84).  If you have a special need, he will help you overcome. “’Life is like an ice cream cone, all you have to do is, learn to lick it’ (from the great philosopher Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame).  I am convinced that Charlie Brown knew exactly what he was talking about!  We all have an ice cream cone that has many parts; it is up to us to discover the best way to find our full potential.  This can be archery, school, or living!”
eriklandstrompicErik Landstrom
Erik is a lifelong archer who is especially passionate about learning and applying an analytical mindset to how all the pieces of archery (whether that’s the archer, arrows, bows, or other equipment) work together.  “My name is Erik and I am an Archeholic.  It has been three days since my last archery purchase...  All kidding aside, I am obsessed with archery and every aspect of it.  I started coaching when another archery coach in my martial arts class introduced me to the family that has become ASR.  The kids and adults that I have had the honor to coach and learn from are what keep me coming back week to week.  Watching those "ah ha" moments when something clicks and then seeing the archers week after week setting new personal bests is what it is all about.  Thank you ASR for giving me an outlet for my condition.”
Coach TimTim Schaubroeck
Tim provides Archibus technical support at Imaginit and focuses on keeping customer service forefront of technical issues. Tim’s real passion includes bowling and of course archery. Tim enjoys recurve and compound archery and is exploring traditional archery. He is also certified as a level 1 judge.  “Think positive and no matter what - have fun. If you don't have fun, why are you shooting?'

briansiravopicBrian Siravo
Brian is an Air Force veteran and graduate of the US Air Force Academy. He has been in the emergency preparedness profession for over 20 years. He is a lifelong athlete and coach of multiple youth sports including Pop Warner Football, volleyball, pistol, and archery. He enjoys every aspect of archery and has a growing passion for bow hunting, especially when those experiences are shared with family or friends.  “I have been privileged to have been guided by great coaches who made positive impacts on my life. Now, I want to continue that tradition and give back to others as those mentors helped me. I want to help others find enjoyment, growth, and passion through archery as it allows people of any age or physical ability to achieve their goals and find ways to say “yes I can!” It’s about something greater than just shooting arrows at a target.”


USA Archery Level 2 Instructors

Austin Blewer

Carlene Blower

Ted Bousquet

Christy Bowman

William Bowman

Calvin Callahan

David CruzDavid Cruz
 David is a Harrison High School graduate, bowhunter, and has competed in various    sports throughout his life to include bowling, BMX freestyle trick riding, and as a minor  league baseball player for the San Bernadino Indians.


KC Cruz
KC is currently a student at Pikes Peak Community College studying psychology with the goal to become an EMT. She has competed in both compound and recurve archery in state and national JOAD and 4-H archery events.
Tom Delia 
Jojo Doenyas
Caitlyn Eldridge
Kyle Eldridge

bradhagerpicBrad Hager
Brad Hager is a Level 2 NTS Coach from Colorado Springs, CO. Brad started his archery journey in 2006 when he began hunting for elk in the mountains and deer and antelope on the plains of Colorado with his bow. His love for the sport quickly spread to his wife and two kids making it a family sport and something to bring the family together. It was in 2013 when his kids joined JOAD that Brad had the desire to teach others the sport in an effort to help them experience the joy it brings him to draw the arrow back.

 Kylie Hager  

Alexandra (Lexi) Harris

Suzie Herz

John Jennings

Chris Klinger

Bill Knippling

Ashlette Lopez

Eric Lopez


 Chris MChristopher Major


stevemarshalpicSteve Marshall






bethschaubroeckpicKarren Marshall






Lauren Pinckney

Anthony Phillips

Mike Poplawski

Jacob Sanders

Beth Schaubroeck
Beth is currently a professor of mathematics at the US Air Force Academy. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and is a published author. She personally enjoys the relaxation aspect that is attained from archery and wishes to help others enjoy this aspect of our sport.   “I think Fred Bear said it best when he said, ‘Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow.’”

patricesiravopicPatrice Siravo
Patrice has enjoyed athletics throughout her entire life, both as an athlete and a coach. She played intercollegiate soccer for the US Air Force Academy, and has coached youth soccer, basketball and archery for many years. She is an Air Force veteran and graduate of the US Air Force Academy, and currently leads a cybersecurity team that supports multiple Department of Defense and commercial systems. Patrice also founded www.coloradocybersmart.com, a cybersecurity website focused on educating youth and families about safety in cyberspace.  “Archery has been a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively). Indoors or outdoors, young or old, strong or “getting stronger”, it doesn’t matter - everyone can enjoy the sport of archery and improve their performance, while enjoying a family-friendly, positive environment.” 

Jacob Sistare

Joshua Smit

Mark Smith

Darryl Woods

Steven Yoder

Qi Zhu



USA Archery Level 1 Instructors
Tyler Herz
Julia Hinman
Alex Klinger
Austin Marshall
Ian Saldana
Micah Schaubroeck
Micah is a high school student with a love of archery and especially in helping others enjoy the sport. He is a member of the Archery School of the Rockies Velocity Raptors competitive compound team and volunteers as a Junior coach with the ASR Crush youth archery team. He also loves introducing archery to first time archers especially while working special events such as birthday parties and archery summer camps.





ASR Shots

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